"Fortune favours the bold". Yet, risk taking seems to peak in young adulthood and decline across the adult life span in most countries around the globe. Is the world best tamed through patience and sensible caution? Or can older adults' potential aversion to risk and exploration lead them astray?

We are currently conducting research on the development of risk taking across the life span. Our goal is to understand how both culture and biology contribute to individual and age differences in how we deal with risk and uncertainty. We do so by conducting cross-cultural comparisons as well as longitudinal studies of age differences in risk taking in different domains of life. A guiding principle in our research is that risk taking serves an adaptive function and, therefore, cannot be understood without reference to the affordances and demands of the environment.

We hope that such knowledge can be used to understand when risk taking pays off and help decision makers of all ages make choices, big and small, such as those about wealth and health that pervade our lives.   

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